Alphabet Adventures: Phonics Fun
Sandra Griffin
Residency, Grades PK
Pre-writing and pre-reading skills are introduced to young learners through the excitement of music, movement, story and visual art.

Be an Instant Storyteller!
Sherry Norfolk
Workshop, Grades 3-12
In this workshop, the dynamic Sherry Norfolk will immerse students in the artistic process of storytelling.

Care-Full Stories
Marilyn Lane
Residency, Grades PK-K
Young children learn to care for the people in their daily lives as they participate storytelling through puppets, role play and craft projects.

Character Travel
Ed Reggi
Workshop, Grades PK-6
Students use improv to try on new languages, customs and cultures, leading children to understand people who are different from them.

Discovering the World Around Us
Kim Madden
Residency, Grades K-2
Students will hear tales of discovery — woods and streams, creatures large and small, changing seasons, and a variety of ecosystems.

Down on the Farm
Sherry Norfolk
Performance, Grades PK-K
Old MacDonald is joined by a host of critters and characters who make the barnyard the happening place to be!

Dramatic Play Through Puppetry
Paul Vandivort
Residency, Grades PK-K
Guided by puppeteer Paul Vandivort, students in this program learn to use puppets to enter imaginary worlds and to act out stories.

For the Love of Music
Nancy Love
Residency, Grades PK-K
This program stimulates cognitive, emotional, social, physical and language development pathways while inspiring a love for music.

Frolicking Frogs
Sherry Norfolk
Performance, Grades PK-K
Happy, hoppy stories of frogs from around the globe.

Get Ready, Get Set, Act!
Suzanne Broddon
Residency, Grades 4-7
Students become actors as they participate in activities that build listening, observation, and concentration skills.

Hear It! Tell It! Learn It!
Sherry Norfolk
Workshop or Residency, Grades K-1
Listening, speaking, reading and writing are the cornerstones of literacy and all four are combined in this action-packed residency.

The Heart of the Story
Daniel Romano
Residency, Grades PK-1
Students learn the many ways a story can be told in this innovative program taught by storyteller and puppeteer Daniel Romano.

I Am a Storyteller
Daniel Romano
Residency, Grades 4-6
Bring out the natural storyteller in your students in this performance & literacy program as students are immersed in written & oral folktales.

Instant Improv
Ed Reggi
Performance, Grades K-12
Using students’ suggestions, school themes or curriculum connections, Reggi and Paper Slip Theatre create a play for your students.

I Read it in a Book
Sherry Norfolk
Performance, Grades PK-K
These stories bring favorite picture books to life, helping children make the important connection between stories and the printed word.

The Language of Creative Movement
Sarah Anne Patz
Residency, Grades K-2
Bring the concepts and stories of your curriculum to life through the kinesthetic intelligence with a veteran dancer and educator.

Messages in the Media
Ed Reggi
Residency, Grades 3-12
Reggi leads a variety of projects where students analyze the effects of media messages  and sharpen their own media literacy skills.

Mission Improvable
Ed Reggi
Residency, Grades K-12
While constructing a play based on a classroom theme, students experience the arts of pantomime, storytelling and spontaneous character.

Music! Music! Music!
Sherry Norfolk
Performance, Grades PK-K
Melody, rhythm and dance provide the motif for these stories! Kids will be dancing, singing, clapping and tapping along!

On Your Toes: Exploring Story Through Ballet
Margaret Hassenstab
Residency, Grades K-2
This program introduces students to classical ballet. Students analyze a story, and choreography is developed to best “dance” the story.

Papa’s Percussion and Puppets for Preschoolers
Glen “Papa” Wright
Workshop, Grades PK-K
In this energetic, enthusiastic workshop, “Papa” Wright introduces young students to the percussion family of instruments.

Picture Bookmaking
Sandra Griffin
Residency, Grades 2-4
A published author/illustrator of children’s books, Sandra Griffin shares with students the process and rewards of creating illustrated books.

The Power Tools of Poetry
Nancy Pritchard
Residency, Grades 6-7
Poetry comes alive in this writing workshop taught by a local poet. The semester culminates in a reading of the students’ best work.

Read It Right Now
Laughing Matters
Performance, Grades 2-4
In this interactive performance, mime, juggling and magic make literacy come alive! Letters get animated as Jay mimes the entire alphabet.

Re-tell Me a Story
Sherry Norfolk
Performance, Grades PK-K
Students will listen, learn and re-tell rhymes and stories, employing multiple intelligences to learn sequence, story elements and vocabulary.

Sing it Out! From Researching to Songwriting
Mark Pagano
Residency, Grades 3-5
Students collaborate with local musician Mark Pagano to apply songwriting techniques to their everyday curriculum.

Songs Can Change the World
Linda Wheatland Smith
Residency, Grades PK-2
During this sing-along, young children build community and experience joy as they keep the tradition of American folk music alive.

Spiders ’n’ Bugs ’n’ Butterflies
Sherry Norfolk
Performance, PK-K
Creeping, crawling, fuzzy, flying insects fill these interactive stories with wiggles and giggles!

Tales With a Point: Fables and Fairytales
Laughing Matters
Performance, Grades 1-3
The Cady duo bring fables and fairy tales to life,and help children analyze the stories by identifying characters, settings, plots, and morals.

Tellin’ Tales
Sherry Norfolk
Workshop, Grades K-2
Children learn and re-tell a folktale in their own words, enhancing oral language, sequencing and conceptualization skills.

Twice Upon a Time
Ric Vice
Residency, Grades 2-3
Students join this storyteller and jazz musician for a blend of trickster, pourquoi, and heroic tales.

Voice and Verse
Pacia Anderson
Residency, Grades 4-8
Through spoken word poetry, students will engage in self-exploration, vocabulary expansion, and public speaking.

What I Said! – Writing the Story and Telling It
Branislav Tomich
Residency, Grades 5-8
In this original monologue writing class for kids, student authors & performers engage activities designed to liberate the imagination.

The Wright Rhythms for Small Hands
Glen “Papa” Wright
Workshop or Residency, Grades K-4
While scraping, shaking and striking a wide variety of instruments, “Papa” Wright leads students through a creative musical adventure.

Young Voices
Sherry Norfolk
Residency, Grades 2-12
Students experiment with visualization, drama skills and storytelling to act and “tell” their way through the process of writing a story.

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