“For it is in the giving that we receive…” –Francis of Assisi

Can you recall an experience of giving that brought so much joy, you felt like you were the receiver? The joy of giving and its results no doubt played a part in inspiring Leesy Schweich to found Springboard to Learning. Since 1965, staff, Teaching Artists, board members, and volunteers have been giving of time, talent, and treasure to improve the educational outcomes for under-resourced children.
As I pondered the many benefits that come from giving, I was led to ask the question, “How do we offer students the opportunity to be givers, themselves?”
For answers, I went to the Teaching Artists. Gale Rublee shared the following story about her program, “It All Adds Up! (Little Red and Grandma Missing)“:
We end our program for second graders by picking two students to play Grandma and Little Red Riding Hood. Often I pick a girl to play Grandma. One time, a boy who did not seem particularly good at writing put on Grandma’s shawl, added a wonderful Grandma voice, and really got into playing Grandma. His classmates thoroughly enjoyed the performance, and it was obvious he felt good about it, too. Encouraging creative expression and giving kids a chance to shine, especially when they may not normally have a chance to, is one of the things that makes doing this work so meaningful.
I realized that every time we give students the opportunity to give back and share what they’ve learned, we give them the opportunity to increase their self-confidence and better understand their unique gifts.
During this holiday season, we offer you the opportunity to receive the many benefits of giving. Through your financial giving, students – many of whom have little or no opportunity to regularly feel good about themselves – gain the opportunity to increase confidence and self-worth.
Cathy Hartmann
Executive Director