A Feelin’ Called the Blues
Sandy Weltman and Charlie Pfeffer
Performance, Grades K-12
Join Charlie on the guitar and Sandy on harmonica as they trace the history of one of America’s oldest art forms — the blues.

Africa to America
Beyond Measure Dance Theater
Performance, Grades K-12
This dynamic performance involves the history, culture, language and creation of three dance styles: West African, Jazz Swing and Hip Hop.

Around the World and Back Again
Sherry Norfolk
Performance, Grades PK-K
Folktales from around the world teach children about neighbors near and far, and how much alike we really are.

Carnaval! Brazilian Percussion
Moacyr Marchini
Residency, Grades 2-12
Moacyr Marchini, a native of Brazil, invites students to experience the heartbeat of his native country.

Civil War Diary
Dianne Moran
Residency, Workshop or Performance, Grades 3-12
What was life like during the war? Explore the life of a woman during the Civil War with storyteller and historian Dianne Moran. 

Colonial Peasant Woman
Dianne Moran
Performance, Workshop or Residency, Grades 2-12
Colonial life in the Midwestern woodlands is resurrected as Dianne appears in period dress to tell stories of the wilderness and village life.

Dancing Through the Decades
Performance, Grades K-12
What would you hear if you turned on the radio 20, 40 or 60 years ago? Find out in this program by one of STL’s top ten musical groups.

Earth Woman Stories
Dianne Moran
Residency, Workshop or Performance, Grades K-12
Join Living History presenter Moran as she leads your students back to a time when hundreds of Native Americans lived as one with nature.

Folktales From Around the World: Stories of Cultural Diversity
Bobby Norfolk
Performance, Grades K-12
Dynamic sound effects and Bobby’s lively, animated style highlight this presentation of tales from the Far East, Africa, Europe and America.

Getting the Right Signal!
St. Louis Brass Quintet
Performance, Grades K-6
The St. Louis Brass Quintet will explore the use of brass instruments to create emotional responses for all kinds of communication signals.

Harmonica and the Blues
Sandy Weltman
Residency, Grades 3-12
From the Civil War to the Great Depression to the present day, participants explore the history of the harmonica and the blues.

How Freedom Works
Laughing Matters
Performance plus Workshop, Grades 3-6
Students gain a deeper understanding of American government with this lighthearted and engaging workshop plus performance.

It’s For the Birds!
Sherry Norfolk
Performance, Grades PK-K
Crows, owls, ravens, hawks and buzzards are among the many winged creatures that inhabit these folktales!

Lewis and Clark’s Sacagawea
Dianne Moran
Residency, Workshop or Performance, Grades 3-12
In Shoshone dress, with articles for her survival, Dianne portrays the true story of Sacagawea’s amazing life and adventures.

Life and Times of Absalom Grimes, Civil War Spy
Barnes Bradshaw
Workshop, Grades 3-8
Students will relive the experiences of Absalom Grimes, one of Gratiot Street Prison’s former inmates, as the hardships of prison life.

Living History Programs
Bobby Norfolk
Performance, Grades K-12
Through first-person narrative, Bobby will bring to life a historical character into your classroom. 

Meet Ben Franklin
Whit Reichert
Performance, Grades 3-12
In this captivating one-man show, Whit Reichert transforms himself into the humorous, witty, and poignant Ben Franklin.

Missouri, Eyes to the West
Dianne Moran
Residency, Workshop or Performance, Grades 2-12
Join Dianne as a frontier woman recalling the journeys of the Santa Fe Trail and the realities of wagon train migrations to the west.

Musical Traditions from the Middle East
Farshid Soltanshahi and Sandy Weltman
Performance, Grades K-8
Featuring a wide array of exotic instruments, this performance focuses on the rich musical heritage of the Jews, Arabs and Persians.

North to Alaska!
Sherry Norfolk
Performance, Grades PK-K
Folktales from Alaska introduce children to the animals and customs of our northernmost state in a way they will never forget!

Revolutionary War, an American View
Dianne Moran
Residency, Workshop or Performance, Grades 3-5
Students learn why the colonists revolted, as two  dress in period clothing and attempt to identify the strange items from their bags.

Rhythms, Rhymes & Raps: Poetry, Prose & Rap Stories
Bobby Norfolk
Performance, Grades K-12
Kids discover the music of poetry through a rollicking multi-cultural tour of raps and finger-snapping, toe-tapping traditional verse. 

Saying Hello to Japanese Culture
Erika Harano
Workshop, Grades 3-5
Japanese-American educator and artist Erika Harano teaches students about Japanese culture, including greetings and basic terms.

Secret Agents of the Underground Railroad
Brother John Anderson
Performance, Grades 3-12
These exciting, true stories of amazing danger and adventure bring to life the real heroes of the Underground Railroad.

Sounds of Brazil
Samba Bom
Performance, Grades K-12
From Bahia to Rio de Janeiro, learn about the distinctive styles of music and the indigenous instruments that came from Brazil.

St. Louis’ Great Fire of 1849
Barnes Bradshaw
Workshop, Grades 3-8
Through a first-hand theatrical account, students will learn how the fire of 1849 changed the history of St. Louis forever.

Stories of West Afrika
Rhythms in Anoa Dance Theatre
Performance, Grades K-12
Learn about the customs and art of Mali and Guinea in West Africa through engaging drumming, song, and dance.

Stories to Celebrate Special Themes
Bobby Norfolk
Performance, Grades K-12
Throughout the year, there are many thematic events for students to learn timely lessons.Bobby has an array of stories to help celebrate.

Voices of the American Dream: The Ellis Island Story
Dianne Moran
Residency, Workshop or Performance, Grades 3-12
What would cause thousands of people to leave their homelands and families for foreign shores? Students will find out with Dianne Moran.

Voices of the Past: Famous People of Missouri
Bobby Norfolk
Performance, Grades 3-12
Experience the drama, humor and excitement of the fascinating people and historical events of early St. Louis & Missouri.

We Are the World
Linda Kram
Residency, Grades PK-K
Students travel each week to a different country with storyteller Linda Kram. Each lesson ends with a multicultural snack.

Women Get the Vote: America’s Suffrage Story
Karen Young
Performance, Grades 5-12
Using historical records and dramatic reenactment, Karen portrays a cantankerous suffragette and her modern great-great-granddaughter.

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