Melissa Trepa (She/Her/Hers) is a theatre artist, dramaturg, writer, and artist facilitator who uses her passion for storytelling and performance to explore the complexity of the human condition to bridge storytelling and community together. As a graduate student in St. Louis, Trepa has mentored and directed productions while also studying the extensive processes of theory, adaptation, playwriting, and directing concepts. In her undergraduate studies Trepa studied abroad in the U.K. to develop skills in fundamental writing workshops in fiction, poetry, nonfiction, and drama principals while also working as a creative writer, theatre artist, teaching assistant, and resident assistant and honors student. Teaching young people is a passion of Melissa’s as she believes that young people have the ability to make a substantial impact on society where storytelling is the key to unlock this potential for impact.

As a member of the Literary Managers and Dramaturgs of Americas, Trepa has collaborated across the country on creative work such as festivals and productions, which emphasize innovation especially during our current remote world. When Trepa is not working on productions online with other theatre artists she is working as an editor with the theatre times collaborating globally on theatre initiatives and performance, news, and stories.

Melissa Trepa’s Programs

English/Language Arts
Plotting New Playwrights: In-Person / Virtual