Sherry Norfolk is an award-winning, internationally-acclaimed storyteller, teaching artist, and author, performing and leading residencies and professional development workshops across the United States and Southeast Asia. Sherry is co-author of Science is a Story (McFarland, 2015), The Virginia Giant: The True Story of Peter Francisco (The History Press, 2014), Social Studies in the Storytelling Classroom (Parkhurst Brothers Publishing, 2012), Literacy Development in the Storytelling Classroom (Libraries Unlimited, 2009), and The Storytelling Classroom: Applications across the Curriculum (Libraries Unlimited, 2006). Sherry is a leading authority on integrating learning through storytelling.

Sherry Norfolk’s Programs

Please note: Sherry Norfolk’s full catalog of programming can be booked as virtual sessions.

Character Education
The Moral of the Story

English/Language Arts
Be an Instant Storyteller!
Down on the Farm
Frolicking Frogs
Hear It! Tell It! Learn It!
I Can’t Sleep!
I Read It in a Book
Music! Music! Music!
Re-tell Me a Story
Spiders ‘n’ Bugs ‘n’ Butterflies
Tellin’ Tales
The Three Little What-zits and the Big Bad Who-zit
Young Voices

In, On and Around the Pond
Leapin’ Lizards
Rain! Rain! Go Away!

Social Studies/Culture
Around the World and Back Again
Becoming Visible Through Our Stories
It’s For the Birds!
North to Alaska!

Wolf Trap Institute for Early Learning Through the Arts