Dancing Lifecycles is a 3-5 day virtual STEM-focused creative dance residency that explores the lifecycles of plant life, animal life, or weather through movement and dance making. Directed by dance educator and choreographer Sarah Council, students will focus on one of the categories listed above observing stages of growth, development, and change, then responding by creating small group dances inspired by these cycles.

Over the course of the residency, students will:
– Learn about the lifecycle of a butterfly, a seed, or the water cycle, identifying and describing each stage of growth and development.
– Explore these concepts through movement, utilizing the elements of dance (shape, time, space and quantity).
– Work independently and in small groups to create original choreography inspired by these explorations, with a special focus on sequencing and exploring a variety of shapes and contrasting qualities.
– Perform and observe these small group dances within the classroom/online setting.

Grades: K-12
Format: Residency
Teaching Artist: Sarah Council

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