Dancing the Poem is a 3-5 day virtual creative dance and poetry writing residency that will engage students in an exploration of the poetic form through movement. Directed by dance educator and choreographer Sarah Council, students will discover that both poetry and dance are powerful modes of expression that utilize imagery, emotion, and rhythm.

Over the course of the residency, students will:
– Study a work of poetry, observing descriptive language, imagery, quality, and rhythm, and then explore these ideas through movement utilizing the elements of dance (shape, time, space, and quality).
– Work independently and in small groups to create original choreography inspired by these explorations.
– Perform and observe these small group dances within the classroom/online setting.
– Create a work of collaborative poetry inspired by the dances that were viewed, along with the students’ own experience of creating the dances.

Grades: K-5
Format: Residency
Teaching Artist: Sarah Council

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