Consenses STL’s Poetry Box Project explores poetry through a multistage arts immersion experience in which students engage in wordplay and a variety of mixed media to create both individual work, as well as complete a collective presentations that ultimately form an interactive mini-museum.

Students develop an appreciation for poets and then each hones in on a specific poem. In that setting, they unfold the inner secrets of the poem and why it speaks to them, embarking on a journey of visual, musical, movement and sculptural arts to develop their sense of metaphor, theme, word choice and wordplay, creating and interacting in a host of media.

So what is Consenses and how does it inform the creation of poetry? The Consenses Curriculum is a multidisciplinary, multimedia, Social Emotional Learning (SEL) platform that incorporates an artistic game of ‘Telephone’ as a vehicle for unity, creativity, understanding, and appreciation of differing perspectives while exploring the arts as each student develops their independent voice. The program leaves concepts of right and wrong, good and bad out of the lesson and instead focuses students’ attention on meaning, connection, creating, perspective and respect.

Grades: 6-12
Format: Residency
Teaching Artist/Partner: Elizabeth Krasnoff Holzer

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