Stories are doorways to help us understand the world, and myths are some of the greatest stories ever told. Some of the most famous myths are journey myths, in which a character must go on a quest and face many obstacles. In the end, they learn something new about themselves.

In this engaging residency, students follow a series of writing prompts to climb the “story mountain” and create their own journey myths. Beginning by creating their own heroes, students grow and expand their myths over five or more live sessions until each has written a complete final myth.

Each live session includes a physical warm-up, an introduction to that day’s writing prompt, and a theatre exercise to help students explore character, setting, or storyline. After the live session is over, students are encouraged to spend at least 10 minutes writing the next stage of their hero’s journey.

Each day all students’ work is reviewed, and appropriate comments, suggestions, and encouragement are provided to help guide their writing.

Grades: 3-8
Format: Residency
Teaching Artist/Partner: Seth Reichgott

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