Kids discover the music of poetry through a rollicking multi-cultural tour of raps and traditional verse. Bobby turns traditional tales, such as “Little Red Riding Hood” or “The Three Billy’s Goat’s Gruff,” into finger-snapping, toe-tapping verse. He transforms selections from his favorite authors into comical and creative raps, and fills them all with zany vocal effects, lively animation, and tons of humor. Bobby makes poetry exciting and fun for children of all ages. In addition, Bobby, a published children’s author with five Parents Choice Gold award-winning books & CD’s, brings to life excerpts from his own work. This is your opportunity to bring in your own real life author! Bobby can also adapt this program and bring to life Harlem Renaissance’s greats such as Langston Hughes. Perfect for Young Authors Conferences, Black History Month or Reading Week!

Grades: K-12
Format: Performance
Teaching Artist/Partner: Bobby Norfolk

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