Dance to the Drum, Drum to the Dance
Kunama Mtendaji
Residency, Grades K-12
Join Kunama Mtendaji on an exciting journey exploring the rhythmic textures of African percussion through music an dance.

Essence of Poetry
In Classroom / Virtual
Elizabeth Krasnoff Holzer
Residency, Grades 6-12
Explore poetry through a multistage arts immersion experience in which students engage in a variety of mixed media.

Juggling Jeff's Jester History
Jeff Koziatek

Performance, Grades K-8
A healer? Dietitian? Social equality leader? Entertainer? This interactive performance tells the story of the historical medieval jester.

Making it Happen
Jeff Koziatek

Performance, Grades K-12
What can you do with with effort, focus, perseverance and a good mentor? This show features juggling, comedy, and audience interaction!

Mindful Movement
In Classroom
 / Virtual
Margaret Hassenstab
Residency, Grades K-2
Mindful Movement introduces students to awareness of self, space and community using creative movement and dance.

Mindful Movements for the Soul
In Classroom / Virtual
Andrea Cox
Residency or Workshop, Grades 3-12
This program will introduce students to mindfulness through yoga, engaging in breathing exercise and intentional movement.

Money Magic
Jeff Koziatek

Performance, Grades K-3
Jeff wants a puppy.  With the help of a zany cast of characters, Jeff learns to WORK HARD, BE RESPONSIBLE and BE PATIENT.

The Moral of the Story
Sherry Norfolk

Performance, Grades PK-K
These fun-filled stories help young children learn how develop empathy and understanding without preaching or didactic-ism!

Move, Create and Collaborate
Sarah Council
Residency, Grades K-12
This arts-integrated, virtual creative dance residency engages students in an exploration of classroom curriculum through movement and dance-making.

Play by Play Shakespeare
Daniel John Kelly
Workshop, Grades 2-6
Students participate in interactive exercises designed to introduce them to Shakespeare’s poetry and the vitality of language.

Smiling at Diversity
In-Classroom / Virtual
Jenna Bauer & Colorbridge Arts Collective
Residency, Grades K-8
This residency uses the artist’s color wheel to encourage children to contemplate their similarities and differences as human beings.

Stories of Cooperation and Connection
Madonna Kuciejczyk-Kernan

Residency, Grades K-1
Ms. Madonna weaves together storytelling, music, and role play as students travel around the world through story.

The Storytelling Express: A Musical Journey Around the World
Bobby Norfolk

Performance, Grades K-8
Conductor Bobby Norfolk and Engineer Dave Farver will magically transport you on their express train across vast continents.

Tales Worth Telling: Stories of Character Education
Bobby Norfolk

Performance, Grades K-12
Bobby puts a new spin on the age-old practice of using stories to impart universal values, such as cooperation, self-esteem, and respect.

Team Building with World Percussion
Rick Kramer
Residency, Grades 4-12
In this hands-on percussion experience, participants will learn to build community and teams through the rhythms from around the world.

West African Drum Orchestra and Culture
Sky Kingsland

Residency or Workshop, Grades 4-6
Students learn how to play West African percussion and learn lessons about rhythm, improvisation, teamwork and responsibility.

Wiley and the Hairy Man
Leverage Dance Theater

Performance, Grades PK-6
In an exciting duel of wits, Wiley learns to rely upon her own resources and conquers two villains – the Hairy Man and her own fear.

Words from the Drum
In Classroom
 / Virtual
Kunama Mtendaji

Performance, Grades K-12
Kunama drums, sings, dances and tells stories rich in African-American folklore with a vibrant energy, bringing together students of all ages.

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