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Bobby Norfolk
Performance, Grades K-8
Using high energy animation and dynamic sound effects, Emmy Award winner Bobby Norfolk brings to life myths, folktales and legends!

Dance to the Drum, Drum to the Dance
Kunama Mtendaji
Residency, Grades K-12
Join Kunama Mtendaji on an exciting journey exploring the rhythmic textures of African percussion through music an dance.

Essence of Poetry
In Classroom / Virtual
Elizabeth Krasnoff Holzer
Residency, Grades 6-12
Explore poetry through a multistage arts immersion experience in which students engage in a variety of mixed media.

Juggling Jeff's Jester History
Jeff Koziatek

Performance, Grades K-8
A healer? Dietitian? Social equality leader? Entertainer? This interactive performance tells the story of the historical medieval jester.

Making it Happen
Jeff Koziatek

Performance, Grades K-12
What can you do with with effort, focus, perseverance and a good mentor? This show features juggling, comedy, and audience interaction!

Mindful Movement
In Classroom
 / Virtual
Margaret Hassenstab
Residency, Grades K-2
Mindful Movement introduces students to awareness of self, space and community using creative movement and dance.

Mindful Movements for the Soul
In Classroom / Virtual
Andrea Cox
Residency or Workshop, Grades 3-12
This program will introduce students to mindfulness through yoga, engaging in breathing exercise and intentional movement.

Money Magic
Jeff Koziatek

Performance, Grades K-3
Jeff wants a puppy.  With the help of a zany cast of characters, Jeff learns to WORK HARD, BE RESPONSIBLE and BE PATIENT.

The Moral of the Story
Sherry Norfolk

Performance, Grades PK-K
These fun-filled stories help young children learn how develop empathy and understanding without preaching or didactic-ism!

No More Bullying!
Tim Collins

Performance, Grades K-5
This fast and funny show teaches kids how to avoid Bullies, how to become an Empowered Bystander, and how to help prevent Bullying.

Play by Play Shakespeare
Daniel John Kelly
Workshop, Grades 2-6
Students participate in interactive exercises designed to introduce them to Shakespeare’s poetry and the vitality of language.

Smiling at Diversity
In-Classroom / Virtual
Jenna Bauer & Colorbridge Arts Collective
Residency, Grades K-8
This residency uses the artist’s color wheel to encourage children to contemplate their similarities and differences as human beings.

Standing By/Standing Up
In Classroom
 / Virtual
Tim Collins

Performance, Grades 4-12
Standing By/Standing Up is a timely one-man show that depicts four students challenged by various forms of bullying.

Stories of Cooperation and Connection
Madonna Kuciejczyk-Kernan

Residency, Grades K-1
Ms. Madonna weaves together storytelling, music, and role play as students travel around the world through story.

TBH (To Be Honest)
Tim Collins
Performance, Grades 6-12
TBH is an educational one-man show depicting students confronted by cyberbullying for middle and high school audiences.

The Storytelling Express: A Musical Journey Around the World
Bobby Norfolk

Performance, Grades K-8
Conductor Bobby Norfolk and Engineer Dave Farver will magically transport you on their express train across vast continents.

Tales Worth Telling: Stories of Character Education
Bobby Norfolk

Performance, Grades K-12
Bobby puts a new spin on the age-old practice of using stories to impart universal values, such as cooperation, self-esteem, and respect.

West African Drum Orchestra and Culture
Sky Kingsland

Residency or Workshop, Grades 4-6
Students learn how to play West African percussion and learn lessons about rhythm, improvisation, teamwork and responsibility.

Wiley and the Hairy Man
Leverage Dance Theater

Performance, Grades PK-6
In an exciting duel of wits, Wiley learns to rely upon her own resources and conquers two villains – the Hairy Man and her own fear.

Words from the Drum
In Classroom
 / Virtual
Kunama Mtendaji

Performance, Grades K-12
Kunama drums, sings, dances and tells stories rich in African-American folklore with a vibrant energy, bringing together students of all ages.

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