Luminaries For Learning, Giving Levels - Fireball, Transformer, Igniter, Inspirer.

Luminaries For Learning Giving Club was created to recognize individuals who generously make continuing monthly gifts to Springboard. These leadership gifts comprise a significant percentage of our operating support and provide important unrestricted funds to give Saint Louis area students and teachers unparalleled arts in education programs.

Thank you to our wonderful Luminaries:

Annand, Robert
Clinton, Tamara and Christopher
Hall-Whittier, Carl and Ernest Whittier
Hartmann, Cathy and Kurt
Hexter, Shellie and Chris
Lofgren, Mary Kay and Chris
McCormack, Anne and Kevin
McGinnis, Patrick and Emily
Mierek, Melinda and Matt
Moore, Sarah and Jay
Muex-Sisson, Lisa
Plassmeyer, Julie and Bernard
Price-Aaron, Terrilyn and Montize Aaron
Rausch, Jill
Richardson, Gerald and Jean Chouquette
Rossmann, Daniel and Erica
Rossmann, Laura and John
Steinau, Mary
Tuggle-Nguyen, Julie and Gerald Nguyen
Westhoff, Lorie and Peter
Wilson, Jennifer and Bryan