Adding and Subtracting by Magic

Residency, Grades K-2
Students will learn to do a variety of math magic tricks. To successfully pull off the tricks, they must perform mental addition or subtraction.

All Hands on Math
Laughing Matters

Performance, Grades 3-5
Students explore number patterns that keep them busy and moving every second of this hands-on workshop.

Chef Alfredo and Madam Souffle
StagePlay Learning

Performance or Workshop, Grades 3-5
Students will take part in hands-on learning and exploration to create a mathematical – and delicious – masterpiece.

Geometricks: Learning Geometry With Magic

Residency, Grades 5-6
Students will deepen their knowledge of geometry in a fun way as magic meets math. Perform magic with 5 different types of triangles!

Interstellar Counting Systems for Space Aliens (and Kids)
Dino O'Dell

Performances, Grades PK-2
Students are engaged through interactive songs that incorporate finger plays, movement, fill-in-the-blank lyrics, and counting.

It All Adds Up! (The Case of Little Bo Peep's Lost Sheep)
Storytellers Side-by-Side

Workshop, Grades 2-5
Student “Story Detectives” analyze evidence, evaluate suspects, and use Story Math to determine what happened in Mother Goose Land.

It All Adds Up! (Little Red and Grandma Missing)
Storytellers Side-by-Side

Workshop, Grades 2-5
Little Red Riding Hood and Grandma are missing! Students use Story Math to question wacky fairytale suspects and find clues.

Letters, Numbers, Shapes and Colors
In Classroom / Virtual
Laughing Matters

Performance, Grades PK-1
Jay and Leslie use mime, juggling, sign language, and a big bag of tricks to teach little ones basic concepts they need for kindergarten. 

Lightning Multiplication and Division Tricks

Residency, Grades 3-4
Students will learn secrets of lightning multiplication and division, and gain a new perspective on how exciting math is.

Moving Through Math
In Classroom
 / Virtual
Leverage Dance Theater
Residency, Workshop or Performance, Grades K-4
This interactive lecture-demonstration is a fun and lively program using music and dance to bring elementary math and geometry to life.

Moving Through Multiplication
Leverage Dance Theater

Residency, Grades 3-5
Students see, hear, and feel how patterns, repeated addition, skip counting, and multiplication are all related in this program.

Sum of Our Favorite Numbers
Laughing Matters

Performance, Grades K-6
Stacking cups and juggling makes addition, subtraction, multiplication and division enjoyable for visual learners.

Virtual Mathemagic
Residency, Grades 1-6
Discover the magic of math, the wonders of numbers, and the courage to stand in front of strangers and perform!

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