Adding and Subtracting by Magic

Residency, Grades K-2
Students will learn to do a variety of math magic tricks. To successfully pull off the tricks, they must perform mental addition or subtraction.

Chef Alfredo and Madam Souffle
StagePlay Learning

Performance or Workshop, Grades 3-5
Students will take part in hands-on learning and exploration to create a mathematical – and delicious – masterpiece.

Dancing Engineers
Sarah Council
Residency, Grades K-12
This STEM-focused creative dance residency explores the 6-step engineering process through movement. Student dances will experiment with weight sharing, momentum, and trust.

Geometricks: Learning Geometry With Magic

Residency, Grades 5-6
Students will deepen their knowledge of geometry in a fun way as magic meets math. Perform magic with 5 different types of triangles!

Interstellar Counting Systems for Space Aliens (and Kids)
Dino O'Dell

Performances, Grades PK-2
Students are engaged through interactive songs that incorporate finger plays, movement, fill-in-the-blank lyrics, and counting.

Letters, Numbers, Shapes and Colors
In Classroom / Virtual
Laughing Matters

Performance, Grades PK-1
Jay and Leslie use mime, juggling, sign language, and a big bag of tricks to teach little ones basic concepts they need for kindergarten. 

Lightning Multiplication and Division Tricks

Residency, Grades 3-4
Students will learn secrets of lightning multiplication and division, and gain a new perspective on how exciting math is.

Moving Through Math
In Classroom
 / Virtual
Leverage Dance Theater
Residency, Workshop or Performance, Grades K-4
This interactive lecture-demonstration is a fun and lively program using music and dance to bring elementary math and geometry to life.

Moving Through Multiplication
Leverage Dance Theater

Residency, Grades 3-5
Students see, hear, and feel how patterns, repeated addition, skip counting, and multiplication are all related in this program.

Papa's Percussion and Puppets for Preschoolers
Glen "Papa" Wright

Workshop, Grades PK-K
In this energetic, enthusiastic workshop, “Papa” Wright introduces young students to the percussion family of instruments.

Sum of Our Favorite Numbers
Laughing Matters

Performance, Grades K-6
Stacking cups and juggling makes addition, subtraction, multiplication and division enjoyable for visual learners.

Virtual Mathemagic
Residency, Grades 1-6
Discover the magic of math, the wonders of numbers, and the courage to stand in front of strangers and perform!

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